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True Life: "The imaginary phone call"

(He is not talking to a soul smh)
We do it all the time..... the fake cell phone convo. You know you are approaching an awkward situation and the only way to avoid it is to pretend that you are having the time of your life with the imaginary person on the phone. It gives you a pass to give the quick wave, the friendly head nod or (when you're in a really dramatic "fake"call) you can get away without saying anything. You may not care for a certain person, may not want to be  bothered, or may not want to get draped off into some random conversation so we use this to dodge the "awkward bullet". Then, we have trick number two;
"fake phone tweeting/roaming/texting". This is cool too but the "fake phone call" is more dramatic, and makes people really believe you are not available to lend them attention at that time. However if you're a bad actor/actress, just stick to "fake texting". These two tactics work in most cases but when you have chronic abusers of the scheme like "me" people may start to speculate that you are blowing them off. You have to know your limit. Needless to say, all my friends do this, and they can also completely tell (when we're together) that I'm doing this to someone. I find it hilarious! How many of you actually do this??

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  1. OH SO TRUE.!!! I do this all the time..LoL