"Where his and hers alike, succumbed to the cool"


Random: "I whip my hair"

LOL did this a month ago song had me feeling a wayyyyy !! =)


Fashion: BAPE LL Soildier OD Boots

^_^ Nicccee! BAPE blesses this 2010 Fall/Winter/Holiday collection with some dope duck styled boots!!
Like them? Want them? Gotta Have them? Get them HERE


New Visual: Dom Kennedy "Locals Only"

Get into this new visual "Locals Only" off of Dom Kennedys "FTWSWL" (from the Westside with love)  illy Mixtape that dropped earlier this year

Fashion: ALIFE (Tokyo) Roosevelt Hiker Boot

Something new for the 2010 Holiday collection. How u guys feeeel?

True Life: Hustlin' With The Godmother

OK so I saw this post over at Timothy Hemingway and it instantly inspired this post.  Griselda and Charles.....lol what a story... If you saw this "Cocaine Cowboys" film you saw a GREAT documentary. However, the average on looker would look at these pics and say Wt.....f?  
(I posted the 10 part documentary after the read more mark)


Fashion: MCM | Patricia Field

Below is the Limited Edition Collection of Patricia Field for MCM. The collection, which is called "The Matrine Group" will hit stores next month.

hmmmmmmm.....? How do you guys feel?
some pics via: (www.Nitrolicious.com)


La Vie: Va$htie Sends Me This....!!

Gid runs into Va$htie and  persuades her to send me this! lol
Cute!! I was Geeked! #shoutout to Va$h!!!  and #shoutout to Gid for pulling me outta class to show me LOL! ^_^

Fashion Fact: Maison Martin Margiela

"Im in Maison uh' Martin Margiela" -Jay-z  voice
FACT: Martin Margiela has never had his picture taken since his fame. Only a few can match his work to his face.

A Must: Kid Cudi Gets Two Thumbs Up

Aparently after the staff at BET's 106 and Park refused to let Cudi bring out Chip and Dot he snubbs Terrance and Ciara by giving one word answers and repeatedly cuts them off. (LOL) Giving the situation I dont blame him. #shoutout to my hometown CLEVELAND ^_^


Found my future son over at The Urban Gentelman !! he is SO cute, I just wanna push him off that little box he's sitting on =) Oh; and his sneak game is amazing!


Well he is one of my FAVE  comedians and here is a couple of his Standup Vids I look at on Youtube from Time to Time -______- (what is he doinggg these days =( Anywho...watch these and bust a gut in the mean time!!




Fashion: FEATHERS ....

are whats next....or now

(Alice and Olivia Francesca Feathered Skirt)
(WANT IT?? GET IT HERE) $330.00