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News Bit: Big #Win for H&M

What a win for the chain. November 20th 200 lucky H&M stores will release the premier womens and mens Lanvin X H&M collection. He now joins other designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Commes des garcon, and Stella McCartney that have also jumped on the H&M collaboration ship. Coming as a suprise to some; going back to Alber Ebaz (for Lanvin) quoting that he'd never desgin a mass-market collection; the desginer says he was more intrigued of the fact H&M is going luxury. The launch is set to host many suprises. For you fashion lovers who can't wait till the 20th, on November 2nd youll be able to view the collection online!

sidebar: Im Jizzed!
check out the mini vid below

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