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News Bit: NEW luxurious Topshop Flagship

                                                    (Topshop/Topman Harajuku location pictured above)
Topshop/Topman will be opening a brand new 10,000sq ft. "flagship" location September 16th of this year. The store will be located in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo's and will be a second for the city (Harajuku district); and Japans fourth. From reading recent reviews it seems as if this wont be just some ordinary Topshop. The store will consist of a personal shopping suite where shoppers can chill and.....

have drinks while being waited on hand-and-foot.....free of charge,  decked out shoe lounge, and an in-house DJ for bands to come by and give live shows.  Chandeliers and gilded bronze mirrors will set off the decor. Exclusively for men; the "Topman" floor will have a selective area called "Japan Collaboration" that will house some of the most talented, upcoming Japanese Menswear designers such as Roc Star, Heath and Ambush. This idea is brilliant and will once again add to Japan's long list of attractions.  Story by: J.Allure

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