"Where his and hers alike, succumbed to the cool"


Hommage: Terry Richardson

In light of Terry Richardson's celebrating his 45th birthday a couple of days ago (August 14), I feel its necessary to start my hommage thread off with one of the worlds most prolific photographers.

With just a white wall in the background and super strong flash Terry has brought out the BEST and ....SEX in whoever steps front of his lens.

 President Obama Gained a few more cool points by collaborating with him in the September 2007 VIBE magazine issue. Lindsay Lohan cant get enough of him. Marc Jacobs backs him up in scandals and his bizarre aesthetic is highly sought after. Although Models near and far have outrageous stories they can share about his kinky request and how they cant stand him; he still has no problem finding people to take part in his wild antics. Also shooting for campaigns and designers such as Tom ford, Supreme and Sisley, he proves that there are absolutely NO boundaries in his creative expression. You name it he's done it, got into a scandal over it, and returned to it. To Mr. Richardson; all is fair in "art and Porn". Below you can check out this Terry Richardson Gallery Ive arranged. EACH of his captures have a life of their own! enjoy! Story by: J.Allure

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