"Where his and hers alike, succumbed to the cool"


Exclusive: GoodWood | Nef Prez | Mike Shaw

#Shoutout to the homie Nef for the illy GoodWood | Nef Prez Collabo. ^_^
MOST of you may know her as @NefPrez but
ANYONE who knows her...would know this piece is so nesscesary.
check her outtt
Her Documentary coming SOON

I had the pleasure of speaking to Mike Shaw (the creative artist behind this collab and heres what he had to say):
Nef is the definition

of what "Look Different" means and I was more than happy to work with her
and this is what we came up with and I think it turned out dope.  GoodWood
does an amazing job and I'd go back to the many more times. -Mike Shaw
Be sure to check out his design company Glimpse's -->  www.glimpsepa.com and  Blog "Look Different" www.glimpsepa.com/lookdifferent
AND of course you have to make sure you head over to GoodWoodNycwww.goodwoodnyc.com



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