"Where his and hers alike, succumbed to the cool"


True Life: Can I have a piece of this?

We allllll have either done this or know friends that do this but why do we do it?

 You are practically inSIDE my fridge full body and soul but have the nerve to ask for something your hands are completely wraped around. When the person is caught doing this they give you (the owner of the fridge) either the slight grin or lost in space look and it is hilarious but makes you cringe at the same time. I don't know why but it has been really popular amongst my friends lately and its become quite funny to see it happen. I made up a small joke as to call out the percentage you are by the time you're asking for whatever it is you want, like dude in the image above is at about 97%.  Homegirl is at  about 101% and may need her ass beat. (lol) Now of course you like to make your friends feel at home so this isnt a serious case its just funny to observe this scenario. 

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