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Nostalgia trip: Come onnn and ZOOM


Don't Lie and say that you weren't addicted to ZOOM!! The show was created and ran by like 6 little Boston Massachusetts kids. I never missed and episode (the full Year I watched it) and would do the full intro and act out each kid. Now that I think about it; Pablo reminds me of a Mexican Drake...no? That's neither here nor there but I wonder why shows like this don't come on anymore: Arts and craft, learning "own" language for kids (ubbi dubbi), doing math, and science projects? Sometimes they even sat in a small circle and had a "teen summit" vintage BET-esque conversation about social events. The show was on PBS/WGBH-TV  and aired from 1972-1978 and then brought back to life in 1999-2005. They changed characters after they started to look too old to be doing such things unlike these creepy shows out now where adult men are dressed as kids -_____- any who here's the intro from the season I'm most familiar with and below there's one from the very first season (which some of you older ones would be more familiar with).
*Jared at the 0.32 second mark died in 2006 =/
Modern version

Ancient version lol


  1. shira21.9.10

    woowwww lollll takes me baccckkkk come onn and zoom'a zooma zooma zoooom

  2. omggggggggg where did you find thissss