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Film: Adam McKay Sequals??

-If only you could see how hype I am typing this..... 

Okay so after Paramount Pictures denied funding for a "Anchorman" sequal last year, hopes of a Pt.2 were not looking too good. The whole "Anchorman" cast was on board stating that they'd DIEEE to make a sequal but they needed Paramount to agree.  So, lately Paramount Pictures have been doing their research and found that fans were raving about the idea and have chosen to greenlight the project. Adam Mc.Kay(director) has also stated that he WILL do a sequal to "Step Brothers" and or "The Other Guys".

*sidebar: Im not to quick to say that Step brothers > Anchorman sooo i find this ironic. Which movie was better to you? (hard to believe this movie was released 6 years ago)

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