"Where his and hers alike, succumbed to the cool"


La vie: Why am I up?

Okay so it's currently 5:00am and I am WIDE awake. There are two things wrong with this picture:

#1. I have class in 2 hours 
#2. I have 2 four hour back to back classes in two hours.

Now of course Ive been spending this time tweeting, listening to music and laughing at old Def Comedy Jam Youtubes -__- because majority of the world is sleep, but as i was searching the web I came across some very inspirational pictures. Those of you who know me will understand why. Hopefully, SOON you all will too, but for now just look. =) 



                                     * I'm actually hype I found this ---> tumblr. =)
                                     *I keep a minimum of 4 tabs up at once