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Fashion: I miss "Suede" Magazine

(be sure to "peep the rest" to view more pics and articles)

I remember receiving this Mag in the mail Out-of-the-blue one day (I believe in 2004-05). It added to the load of other fashion and entertainment magazines I were mysteriously getting for free ^_^. I LOVED it at first glance. It would take you all week to soak in the content. There were so many collages, fashion tips, pictures, and interesting features.  My wall was covered in spreads from this magazine. They were a teen spin off from Essence but had the feel of a Cosmo/Vogue "geared" towards people of all colors. After about four issues the magazine was canceled see (NYtimes). I was so mad when I realized that months had went by without that mag sitting on my porch. There is little info and photos on the web about the publication but I did find a petition to bring the cool magazine back. Check out some covers, articles and images from the short run of "SUEDE MAGAZINE" The Alicia Keys issue was the 1st issue if I can remember.


Below:  a preview of what you'd be getting on almost 75% of the Magazine. <3

Below: few articles and tid bits I found cherishing the magazine.

Black ink online 

P.santana's website www.shhhjustlook.com
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